Durable maintenance and 24/7 service

By doing temporary and preventive maintenance your lifting installation or crane will be transformed from an expendable to a durable installation. It's not rare for us to come across a lifting installation that has been in operation for more than 30 years. This is not reached easily, but well thought out maintenance and in time overhaul form the basis of this. Also the availability of spare parts, even after 30 years, is one of the strengths of CraneSolutions and its partner STAHL Cranesystems.


The service team of CraneSolution does maintenance to hundreds of cranes, of course cranes that we have produced ourselves, but also on cranes from other manufacturers.

Preventive maintenance

By doing preventive maintenance the life cycle of your crane or hoist will be extended and hidden defects will be spotted in time. This reduces the risk of breakdowns and increases the safety for employees in the workplace.

Scheduled maintenance

When your crane is intensively used it may be necessary to do multiple maintenance intervals to be guaranteed of optimal use of the crane on a high safety level. Our service specialists are at your service to discuss this with you.


For the mandatory annual inspection of your cranes and hoists CraneSolutions has specially trained inspectors who are certified to inspect and approve cranes according to the EKH work rules. The EKH stands for recognized companies in the field of hoisting and lifting equipment in the Netherlands and aims to bring the security level to the highest level.


The inspection also includes a load test, this serves as a test for the correct operation of the main safety features of a hoist or crane, namely the hoist brake and the overload limiting device.


While performing the inspection an inspection report will be made, by means of risk class 1 till 4 which indicates the severity of a defect. Also the crane books and existing certificates will be updated and a sticker will be attached to the hoist or crane with the inspection month and year.


The service team of CraneSolutions is well equipped to carry out repairs to hoists and cranes. Our service vans are equipped with modern tools, climbing- and personal safety equipment.


The workshop of CraneSolutions in Katwijk specializes in conducting general overhauls of hoisting units. In our workshop hoists are completely disassembled, inspected and cleaned. Then worn parts, bearings and seals are replaced and renewed. After this overhaul the hoist can be used again for many years.


It can occur that hoists and cranes no longer meet the current demands on overload protection, safety regulations or electric installations. The service specialists of CraneSolutions are at your service to give advice on the modernization of your hoist or crane.


Technical data of every lifting object maintained by us is stored in our database, this gives us the advantage to always be able to respond adequate to a malfunction or problem by immediately bringing the correct parts to solve the problem.


The technical data of every object known to us will be stored on customer name and on unique object number, with this it is possible to respond quickly to questions about the lifting installation. Our database contains the history of thousands of cranes over a period of more than 40 years.

Inspection contract

For managing your cranes and lifting objects it is possible to agree on an inspection contract for several years, our inspectors will than make a visit every year to perform inspection, maintenance and testing on all of your lifting objects.


Our service technicians are trained and educated annually about the latest developments of the product Stahl, latest safety regulations and newest ATEX guidelines.

Crane inspector

Some of our service technicians are specially trained as crane inspector and take part in training and refreshing courses annually so that they are aware of the latest developments.


Throughout the years there where many changes in the area of explosion proof installations, our partner STAHL is market leader for ATEX cranes, hoists and lifting installations. All of our service technicians are certified to work on ATEX installations and are following annual courses given by STAHL crane systems.


The service department of CraneSolutions is flexible, experienced and well equipped to follow up and solve malfunctions. Every report of a malfunction will be handled by our service coordinators, who will contact you to make a plan for solving the problem and will arrange that a service technician will come to your company as soon as possible.

24/7 service

CraneSolutions can also offer 24hours service, by calling our service telephone number a service technician will come to your company as soon as possible to solve the malfunction.

Spare parts

The spare parts warehouse of CraneSolutions has the most common and wearing parts of STAHL hoists in stock, but in addition we can also make an appeal on the service department and the huge spare parts warehouse of STAHL crane systems