INDEVA manipulators

  • Manipulator crane

    Manipulator crane with a capacity of 1 ton for the turning of foil rolls in a production process.



    Ordered by Biaxplen

  • Manipulator crane

    Liftronic manipulator for lifting and tilting of solar panels, equipped with vacuum and ergonomic shaped controls.


    Solar panels

    Ordered by INDEVA

  • INDEVA manipulator

    To increase productivity and relief of fysical strain on the worker a INDEVA liftronic Easy is an exellent solution.
    Not only for small loads but also when it gets heavier, as delivered the INDEVA column mounted manipulator type E240CX with a reach of 4 meter.


    Indeva E240CX

    Ordered by Vlastuim

  • INDEVA column manipulators

    12 pieces of INDEVA column manipulator working load 220kg delivered for optmalistion of production and assembly process.



    Ordered by Cargofloor