The team of CraneSolutions

The team of CraneSolutions is composed of collaborative links within our company that combined form a team to provide the best service to our customers.
From quotation to commissioning it is our goal to optimally inform and be of service to our customer. Each project is assigned to a project manager who works closely together with the various links within our production process. The quality, planning and delivery of the final product will not only be monitored constantly by the project manager, but also by the head of each link in our production process. As a result, we are able to deliver our products on time and to the satisfaction of the customers.


The sales team studies and discusses the request with the customer. A proper preparation of this conversation ensures that there can be thought of possible alternatives or smarter and more efficient and therefore more economical solutions.

Clear quotation

The sales team strives to provide you with a clear and understandable quotation for your request, taking in mind a good price and quality ratio. For complicated requests a project team is directly formed, so that the specific knowledge of each member of the team can be optimally used. The calculator has the overview and will assemble all information and input from the various disciplines and translates it into a clear quotation.

From quotation to order

The sales team will discuss and check the offer together with the customer and where necessary the quotation will be revised. Also delivery and, if applicable, mounting on location will be discussed. In this meeting the expectations of the customer will be discussed and noted.


Our engineers are closely involved in the more complex applications and in the tendering process. They know the production and assembly process very well and know exactly what is possible and how to show the design on a quotation drawing. After assignment our engineers get started with making composition and production drawings.

Interactive design process

Our engineers will discuss the design and assembly drawings with you until agreement and approval has been established, so that production will eventually be as smooth as possible. Our engineers will take into account the most recent and relevant standards, and also a survey on site can be arranged.

Design and calculating

The structure is drawn in 2D or 3D and all hoists and cranes are calculated by our engineers using customized software and structural calculations and will also be based on decades of practical experience. All prescribed load cases will be calculated so that the lifting equipment and cranes comply with all applicable requirements.

The electrical installations are designed and drawn by our own electrical engineers. This makes it possible to quickly and efficiently generate diagrams, component- and cabinet frame formats.

The electrical and mechanical engineers jointly create a functional description, a risk assessment and give training after delivery to the users so that they know how the crane works and what safety precautions they must take into account.



The hoists and cranes will be produced under the supervision of our engineers. The production of electrical installations, final assembly, testing and packaging of the hoists and cranes takes place in our own production.

Production process

The production process of lifting systems basically consists of four phases. Selecting, purchasing and production of the necessary crane components at our suppliers, among which STAHL Crane Systems, producing and painting the required steel construction, the complete in-house production of the electro technical equipment and the assembly and functional testing of the hoists and cranes.

Quality and checks

Quality is our top priority. During all processes and at every stage of the manufacturing process regular checks will be carried out in accordance with the quality management system BS ISO9001:2008.


The technicians of CraneSolutions have extensive experience in the assembly and installation of hoists and cranes. Our assembly team consists of both mechanically and electrically skilled technicians. For each project a selected team of capable technicians will be assembled. In close consultation between the client and the project manager the hoist or crane will be installed and tested with test weights.

Mounting in 4 phases

The mounting can be divided roughly into four phases. The transportation and supply of the lifting installation or crane to the location. The assembly of the lifting installation or crane on site. The lifting of the lifting installation or crane onto the track. The connection, adjusting, testing and commissioning of the lifting installation or crane.

No surprises during erection

Before each job a part of the project team or the project manager will make a survey on site together with the customer, so that surprises and unforeseen circumstances during assembly will be prevented. CraneSolutions is VCA ** - certified and a senior engineer is always present who is responsible during the assembly.


To increase safety in the workplace and to be assured of a long life of your hoists and cranes, our advice is to carry out proper and professional annual maintenance to your hoists and cranes. The service team of CraneSolutions has well trained technicians and inspectors who will gladly be of service.


For the mandatory annual testing and inspection of your hoists and cranes CraneSolutions has specially trained inspectors who are certified to inspect cranes according to the EKH work rules. The EKH is a Dutch recognized organization for inspection of lifting equipment and aims to bring the security level in the field of lifting equipment at the highest possible level. After performing the inspection, an inspection report will be made and this report will be discussed with you and if necessary a quotation for repair, modification or preventive maintenance will be sent.


CraneSolutions is a big proponent for good and preventive maintenance to increase the safety of your employees and increase the lifetime of your hoists and cranes. CraneSolutions has a well trained team of skilled service and maintenance technicians who are on the road to our clients daily in well-equipped service vans.